In the summer, ants can invade homes and kitchens in search of food, often appearing in large numbers.

Appearance and characteristics of ants.

Ants are at least as old as humanity itself. Over 10,000 different ant species are known worldwide, with around 100 of them found in Germany. Depending on the species, ants in Germany can range from 2 to 7 mm in size and are typically red, brown, or black. Ants, in general, are characterized by their remarkable social behavior within their colonies, such as their division of labor.
Therefore, the ant is a wonder of nature and also a diligent gardener. It can carry up to 7 times its own body weight, mixes forest and soil, and contributes to the rapid decay of animal carcasses and dead wood.
Ants have a highly developed sense of smell that helps them identify their own kind as well as locate food. A scout ant marks the path from the nest to a discovered food source with a scent trail, which the nest mates follow, thus creating an ant trail. In the summer, they feed mainly on sugar and protein-rich substances such as honeydew.
Therefore, AntiPest GmbH fights its ants with contact insecticides and feeding baits. There are differences in control methods depending on the genus.

Danger from ants

In general, ants love food of all kinds, sometimes destroying wood and ruthlessly eating their way through gardens and buildings. Their nests are in piles of dirt outside. This not only looks ugly, but can also be dangerous in individual cases if terrace slabs or steps are loosened as a result. They also spray formic acid, which burns painfully on human skin and causes rashes.

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