Moths themselves do not pose a threat to humans or animals. However, their larvae can damage textiles, food and other objects and render inedible food inedible.

Appearance and characteristics of moths

Moths have a wingspan of 10-15 mm. They are light yellow to dark brown and lay eggs in nests. Moth eggs are often not immediately recognizable. We will find the nests of the pests for you and remove all infested objects and food completely.

Moths are small, winged insects that are part of the Lepidoptera family. They have a foldable body and usually brown, gray, or white wings equipped with hairy antennae and two pairs of feet. Moths lay their eggs on plant materials and their caterpillars feed on them. As adults, moths feed on nectar and pollen. Some moth species can appear as agricultural or household pests, as they can infest textiles, supplies and greenhouses.

Danger from moths

In addition, a moth infestation can cause unpleasant odors, so in some cases it is necessary to clean or disinfect the room to eliminate the infestation.

It is important to keep things tidy and store food in airtight containers on a regular basis to avoid moth infestation. If an infestation has already taken place, various measures can be taken to get rid of the moths, such as hanging moth traps or cleaning and disinfecting the affected area.

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