Medical facilities have to meet special hygiene and quality requirements to ensure the protection of their patients.

Effective pest control and prevention is an essential part of this in order to avoid secondary infections. Hospitals, medical practices and care facilities are legally obliged to carry out pest prevention and control in accordance with the statutory regulations and regulations.

Due to numerous introduction opportunities such as deliveries, visitors and patient flows, continuous monitoring and pest control is essential. Even the smallest sign of a pest infestation can unsettle patients and their families and lead to a loss of trust, which can have long-term economic consequences.

For this reason, discretion and a discreet appearance of our employees are of the utmost importance!

Facilities in which food is prepared are particularly susceptible to pests, as they can act as "germ carriers" and thus pose a significant health risk.

Our pest control plans are tailored specifically to the needs and constraints of each facility to ensure effective pest prevention.

We understand that pest control is important in all areas, but in the health sector the risks and consequences are particularly high.

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