Logistics companies, trucking companies, warehouse operators, food stores and similar companies are exposed to a high risk of pests.

The constant exchange of goods can attract and introduce pests, which can have serious consequences! Rats, mice, bugs and other pests can not only affect the quality of goods, but also disrupt the entire logistics chain, especially in just-in-time deliveries.

A pest infestation can lead to enormous costs and loss of image!

Comprehensive hygiene and pest management is therefore indispensable for companies in the logistics sector that operate warehouses, outdoor areas, grain silos, transport vehicles and the like. This applies in particular to sensitive goods such as food, animal feed or pharmaceutical products.

We use approved professional preparations to eliminate pest infestation effectively and reliably, taking into account all legal provisions and regulations.

We offer you professional support for acute measures, as well as regular services for our customers. Our services include hazard analysis, security zone monitoring and online documentation to ensure your logistic processes and storage areas are pest free and remain sustainable!

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