Fleas: Threats to Humans and Pets - What you need to know.

Appearance and characteristics of fleas

Fleas - small but dangerous insects that pose a threat to humans and pets.

With a length of 2 to 3.5 mm, they have a compact physique, long legs and an elongated shape. Fleas are known for their quick and dexterous movement and powerful leap, which helps them move quickly from host to host.

Fleas have a sharp, curved beak that allows them to pierce their host's skin and suck blood. This leads to unpleasant symptoms such as itching, pain and inflammation. Fleas can also transmit diseases by introducing bacteria or parasites to their host.

Fleas are adaptable insects that can travel great distances to find a host. They prefer warm and humid environments and can reproduce quickly once they find a suitable environment and host.

It is therefore important to take immediate action to prevent and treat a flea infection!

Danger from fleas

Fleas can pose a serious threat to humans and pets. Their sting can cause itching, pain, and inflammation.

Fleas can also transmit diseases such as the plague caused by Yersinia pestis or a dog tapeworm infection caused by Dipylidium caninum.

Cat and dog fleas can still transmit serious diseases such as typhus, polio, Lyme disease or swine fever.
To prevent and treat a flea infection, there are simple steps you can take:

1. Regular pet deworming and flea treatment.

2. Constant cleaning and disinfection of the living environment, especially carpets and textiles.

3. Avoiding contact with infected animals or environments.

4. Checking pets and clothing for fleas after contact with potentially infected areas.

5. Use of flea medications and insecticides under the guidance of a veterinarian (if necessary).

To minimize possible health problems for people and animals, it is important to act early and prevent flea infection.

Find out now about the threat of fleas and how to protect yourself and your pets.

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