The cockroach is rightly considered one of the most disgusting insect species!

It belongs to the group of hygiene and storage pests and can quickly become an unpleasant nuisance due to its rapid reproduction.

Appearance and characteristics of cockroaches

Around 3,500 cockroach species are known worldwide, most of which occur in the tropics and subtropics. Cockroaches have been found as fossils millions of years old and encased in amber. Experts estimate that cockroaches are between 350 and 400 million years old.

Here in Germany, we concentrate on the majority of the German, Oriental, American and brown-banded cockroaches as hygiene and storage pests.

It is usually introduced here through food packaging, used electrical goods, the neighborhood or luggage. Starting from a heavily frequented source of infestation, it can spread to the immediate vicinity.

For the cockroach to live in the best possible conditions, constant temperatures are required, so that they can only be found in houses and apartments. Well-warmed parlors ensure comfortable temperatures above 20 degrees, so that kitchen waste, food leftovers and water in the kitchen round off the offer.

The average life expectancy is 100 to 200 days, so that the females lay up to 8 egg packets (oothecae) ​​in the same period, which means about 400 offspring.

The development from egg to full-grown sexually mature animal can be completed after 40 days at optimal temperatures and food sources.

The cockroach is an omnivore and can go up to 4 weeks without food. In contrast to the German cockroach, the oriental cockroach, also known colloquially as the cockroach, is the largest species of cockroach found in German households (approx. 30 mm) and, with a speed of approx. 1.5m/second, is also the fastest crawling insect.

Danger from cockroaches

Cockroaches can transmit a variety of dangerous diseases to humans, such as hepatitis A, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, typhus, dysentery, mold spores or worm parasites.

In addition, the excretions of the cockroach can trigger eczema and asthma, especially in children, the elderly or people with a weakened immune system, so the cockroach can be classified as dangerous for us humans.

Once the insects have nested in you, you can no longer get rid of them without professional help. If individual specimens can already be seen during the day, the pest infestation is usually very advanced. It is estimated that for every visible cockroach there are up to 200 others in the immediate vicinity.

It is therefore important to react quickly and consult an certified pest controller.

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