Flies can pose a significant threat to health and hygiene.

Flies land on animal feces, carcasses, or garbage on a daily basis, and as a result, they can carry dangerous dirt and bacteria into the house.

Appearance and characteristics of flies.

Flies are small, flying insects with two wings and a stout body. They have a size of about 4-10 mm and can vary in a variety of colors and patterns, from black to brown and from smooth to hairy.

One of the most striking features of flies is their fast and uncoordinated flight, which often sets them apart from other insects. Additionally, they literally love every kind of filth. Almost anything attracts them: crumbs, fruit, compost, and beverages. Whether it is still good or spoiled does not matter to them.

They are attractive animals and can appear in large swarms when they discover a source of food. The fly has an exceptionally good sense of smell, which it uses to locate its food. These pests simply fly to everything!

It's important to note that flies are very fast and adaptable, and can reproduce quickly given access to adequate food and water.

As an certified pest control company, we can help you find a comprehensive solution to your fly problem, so you can have a safe and hygienic home or business.

Danger from Flies

As an certified pest control company, we know how important it is to control the population and prevent them from spreading in our homes and buildings.

Flies can transfer germs and bacteria to our food, surfaces and bodies, which can lead to illness and infection. Especially in areas where food is produced and processed, it is important to control the fly population to avoid transmission of pathogens.

Flies can also be a nuisance and a nuisance, especially in areas of high human activity such as kitchens, dining rooms and recreation areas.

Our team of certified pest controllers is experienced in dealing with flies and can help you find a comprehensive solution to the fly problem.

We only use safe and effective methods to control the fly population and ensure your home or business stays hygienic and safe.

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